Welcome in the spirit of all things sewing!

I have always LOVED fabric, the texture, beautiful prints, natural fibres in particular – living in a sub-tropical climate does that to you.  I confess I am also a little obsessed with the history of fabric, textiles & quilting. As luck would have it, the Queensland Art Gallery currently have a fabulous display celebrating more than 200 years of quilting:-  “Quilts 1700-1945″.   

Sooo I dragged mum & a couple of friends along to the Art Gallery, & we had a lovely day admiring the selection of quilts from the Victoria & Albert Museum.  Of course I bought the book,  a fascinating anthology of 200 years of British quilting!.    If I wasn’t a quilter my second option would have book lover.


After a delicious lunch & a browse around the Art Gallery we attended a lecture by Dr Annette Gero, one of Australia’s leading Quilt Historians.  She delivered a marvellous rhetoric of Australia’s colourful past, & showed fine examples of quilts found at Op shops, Wagga’s & fine examples of sewing from Soldiers in WWII.


Of course, I bought her book too!



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